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The /vr/ Gauntlet is a test of skill, you're given a retro game and 3 days to beat it. Are you a bad enough dude to complete the gauntlet?

Vs rec

/v/'s Recommended Games, this is more like a giant ass list of all the notable games. Don't go there looking for solid advice on a game to play, view it as a place where that one guy put up a game he sort of likes, and if anyone tries to remove it because it's a shitty game, well then they're just a faggot who hates vidya.


/g/'s own ftp server. Has some games, and other interesting stuff. To get the login, visit their IRC channel.


Another /vr/ wiki, this one's all about the consoles themselves. A place for when you need some info on the inner workings, a nice list of old consoles released, or even some info on fixing retro consoles.

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